I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, it feels like this week is just flying by. I just don’t have anything planned for tomorrow or the weekend, since it seems like I’m still in lockdown and I haven’t seen my friends since beforehand, but I still have been talking to a few of them.

Although having said that, I did go shopping and had dinner in a restaurant for my birthday, so it’s not quite lockdown overall. But it was more of a relaxing day and stress-free, where I could get items from the Body Shop and Lush to keep on top of my skin care routine. I know there are better way to spend my day, but hopefully next year I can try something else for my birthday next year, like donating some money for a charity (don’t know which one, I’ll have to have a look around).

I am still understanding the ways of the company that I now work for and, even though I have done the same job job before, it’s always seems a bit strange when I go to a different company. But it’s something to get used to.

It’s time for a bit of relaxing for this evening and I might do the lego setup of Friends (could that be anymore fun?). It seems like a perfect way for the evening. I hope to see you the next post!

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