It’s the last day of August, which means that colder weather is on the way, finally. I can’t believe there are only three months left to this year, where I’m hoping that it ends better then it started. Fingers crossed that happens for everyone else.

I finally finished my yoga challenge! It was hard work and definitely challenging, to say the least. What I’m going to do is find another yoga chellenge so I can try and keep it, and get fitter at the same time. I’ll have do some research and see what else is out there, as I’m hoping for something a bit different with the new challenge.

It was also a strange weekend that just passed, as we had people over for dinner, where it fortunately stopped raining as we were about to eat. I’m still a bit tired from it, but it was a good night. I’m just glad I have next weekend where I can have a relaxing time off, before I’m planning to go out again to see my friends from university, who I haven’t seen before lockdown. As long as there’s no more lockdown, that would be a plus.

That’s it for this post, and I hope to see you in the next one! Have a great week!

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