If doesn’t feel like it’s Sunday tomorrow to me since it feels like I’ve been here, there and everywhere. I have been working, so that might be part of it. But hopefully a relaxing day tomorrow, where I can continue reading Alice by Christina Henry, which so far seems like a darker version of Alice in Wonderland, so that’s my Sunday sorted. Cannot wait.

I’ve also finished reading book number four (the Lost Plot) of Genevieve Cogman’s the Invisible Library series. I have been enjoying a lot more, the more I read the series, as each book seems to see a new set of challeneges the main character goes through.

I finally got my phone screen fixed today, where I mentions previously in another post, that I dropped it pre-lockdown. So it was like that for months, and only got round to it now. S@*! happens, you know? But it’s nice for my phone to be looking good as new.

I’ve started a new yoga 30 day challenge, which is a lot harder than the previous challenge, but that’s why they called it a challenge. Let’s see if I can actually improve in yoga, so I can get that bit fitter (maybe more) or I might have to find some exercise that would be more helpful for me.

That’s it for this post, it might not sound exciting but I’m still waiting for an opportunity, where I can actually get a place to call my own, and I found what I really want to do (I’m still looking by the way for that job, but there are still some lockdowns in place around the world). But I wish to see you in the next post, and I hope you have a great week.

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