It feels like I haven’t done a blog post in ages, as it has been 11 days, and there wasn’t really much to tell for an update. But I have been rather busy since that last post, although I’m ready for an another one.

So first things first, I’ve been working, and even though it’s three days at the moment, it’s been challenging to change my routine. As in those three days, they are just evening shifts lasting three hours at the moment. But it’s having to make sure that I have my main meal at lunch time, and if I want to do some exercise, it’s making sure that I have enough time to get a shower and let my hair dry, since I like doing it in the afternoon. I can’t complain that much really since it is a job at the moment with everything to do with coronavirus and jobs.

With the weekend just gone, I finally got to see my friends that I haven’t seen since before lockdown. It was a really good night, and I only realised that I had five drinks when I looked at my bank statement. Which was a real shock, as before lockdown, I used to have a lot more to drink on nights out.

The only downside to the night out is that I managed to get a common cold, which I still have at the moment. It was quite scary when I started feeling a bit unwell, just because I thought it was the symptoms of the current virus. But luckily I rang the NHS, and they said what I have, weren’t the right sypmtoms. Thank. F@*!. I just hope that I get better as soon as possible so I can go back to work.

So that’s it from me for now. I hope to see you in the next blog post and let’s see if I can have an update sooner rather than later, we’ll have to see. Until then, bye!

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