So I’ve not had a lot going on at the moment, which is why I’ve not really posted an update because there is nothing much to tell. I am still working as a support worker, and I am still trying to get a job that I want to do for the rest of my life.

Although I did get my degree certificate in the post last week, so I have officially gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television with a lower second class honours. It wasn’t the grade I exactly wanted, but I got a degree and that’s the main thing and I tried my best. So I guess that is some news to share.

In other news, in my last post, I mentioned that I needed help to try and figure how to start a career in writing, whether that be in my degree area or elsewhere, and I hired a career coach! The first appointment is tomorrow and I’m super excited in making this step, as I’ll be able to see thing more clearly on how to get where I want to. The coach sent me a bunch of tasks and exercises for me to do beforehand, such as choosing three writers I admire and why, and a career timeline from school to now. So I’m really looking forward to her advice and see where I can go from there.

I think that’s about it for now, as I’ve got a busy couple of days with work and the career coaching. So until the next post, bye for now!

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