It’s been a while, it’s been a while if I do say so myself. Christmas and New Year’s has been and gone, without much change from 2020. But that’s not really what I want to talk about. Because boy, do I have a story for you, I posted it on Twitter (as you do and posted screenshots).

So a week or two ago, I was on Instagram and I decided to follow a few people (celebrities mainly) and one just so happened to be Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Now, I don’t follow very many celebrities, I don’t why, it is what it is. So back to Captain America, I followed him and that was that.

Or so I thought. In about 30 minutes, that’s when it happened. Someone messaged me, with a username of something like ChrisEvans1234 and wasn’t verified. It was strange, but I was overall curious to see what they wanted. It started just like a normal conversation in the beginning. The it got weird. “Chris Evans” was like ‘so how long have you been watching my movies?’ It took me a moment as I was a bit confused, as I thought it was a someone who was obsessed with Chris Evans and made a fan account, dedicating it to Captain America. I said that to “him” and “he” was like ‘no, it’s actually me, Chris Evans, how can I prove it to you?’ So I asked “him” if they could send me a photo of them which I couldn’t find on google. And oh boy, they sent a photo, but because I’ve watched a few episodes of Catfish (I’ve never been so proud in this moment of watching reality television), I did a reverse picture search and found that there were picture which were taken in March/April 2020 about lockdown in the USA. I have never been so happy in my life. I didn’t tell them that I did this, and just said ‘okay, I believe you.’ After exchanging for like another 5 minutes or so, I bloked them, which I should have done after doing a reverse image search (big thanks to Catfish the TV show for making me doubtful of people online), but oh well.

Not even an hour goes by after I blocked this first stranger, another Chris Evans account messaged me. But the catch is, that the username was Doctor something or other, but was changed into something similar to the first one. It was a big ‘oh, balls, not this again’ moment. This second one was an even weirder interaction. They mentioned how they appreciated that I was liking and commenting on his posts – which was simply not true, as I followed him not that long ago, and hadn’t liked or commented on any posts by Chris Evans. So it was a bit like a ‘??????’ moment. I did ask who they were and I got the snarkiest response ever, say ‘what sort of a question is that? If you can’t figure that out, then you aren’t a real fan’ and all that kind of good stuff. So I called them out for what they were, a catfish and they did not like that. They wanted to prove that they were Chris Evans, so I suggested the same thing as the first one, show me a picture that I can’t google. And they flat out refused, saying that that they wouldn’t go through with something like that and eventually they asked for my age. At this I feel like I have never been so witty in my whole entire life to someone like this by responding: ‘why should I give a catfish private information?’ Yes, it was a bit petty, but I think it was really well deserved. And they didn’t respond. So, I think I won that conversation.

That’s it for now and I do have a couple more stories about what I’ve been up to, so hopefully it won’t be as long this time. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this wild ride. Hope 2021 is better for you than 2020. Until next time, bye!

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