I Need Help

So. I need help. I really need it, and I’m not one to ask for it. I don’t even know where to go to ask for it, so here I am making a blog post about it.

Since I finished my bachelor’s degree in the summer of 2020, I have been mainly working in adult social care as a support worker (I have dabbled in customer service and sales), and I’ve been looking for a graduate position since that summer. Currently, I am a support worker, who is based in Leeds.

In November 2021, I moved into my first ever home and currently paying a mortgage, and while this is usually can be quite exciting, I am struggling. With the current rises in fuel, food, energy, water, and taxes, it’s becoming increasingly harder for me to stay afloat. I can’t even imagine what some families are going through, to be honest. If I don’t stay on top of bills, I’ll be out of a home, and it could ruin the chance of potentially moving into another home in the future.

My current job is paying £10.30 an hour, and while it’s not minimum wage, I’m still struggling with paying bills as I’m the only one paying them. What I’m asking for is a job that pays slightly better (keyword being ‘slightly’ as I’m not asking for a million pounds an hour – however nice that may be).

I have a bachelor’s degree in film and television, where I earned a 2:2 (I know it’s not first-class) with honours, but I am an extremely hard worker. I can handle many projects at once, I like to learn (but it might take me a bit of time as I may not understand straight away and I am not the quickest learner, which I’ve never been since primary school), and extremely disciplined. When I was earning my bachelor’s degree, I had lectures, projects, essays, a bit of social life (you have to take some time off) and I had two part-time jobs – one of which was being a support worker.

Currently, I’m contracted to work 40 hours a week, which sometimes isn’t always possible as there are other support workers in the company and only so many clients we support. I am also enrolled to do a master’s degree in International Business and Management, which is from the University of Central Lancashire. So I know I am disciplined and a hard worker.

I have many qualities that I’ve learnt over the years, such as working in a team, as well as independently, time management (I currently set off an hour before my shift is supposed to start to make sure I’m there 10 to 15 minutes early – not always possible if there’s traffic) and I know what I am capable of. I am able to write reports, come up with many possible options and recommend the best one I think, and being able to do the tasks that are required of me

Yes, there are things I need to improve upon, much like everyone else. But the positives should outway the negatives. I have been applying for jobs that I know I’ll be able to do if they give me the chance, but they never do. I’ve applied for entry-level jobs in marketing, business support, and recruitment, plus many, many more.

What I’m looking for is a job that pays £12 (could be £11.50, but that’s the minimum) an hour, but at a proper salary. I am flexible in whichever industry, but I am focusing on wanting the experience to be a business consultant (or helping develop business).

Please. I need help. If anyone has got any recommendations, then please send me a message on LinkedIn by searching for my name – Charlotte Coombes.


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